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Litter’s Pedigree

Puppies Trooper Dottie uno

Meet Flash. As you can see from the picture - he is a “melt in your arms” kind of guy.

This little girl is named Uno, as she was the first one born. She is VERY sweet and gentle.

Puppies Trooper Dottie Flash
Puppies Trooper Dottie dotson

This little guy is named Dotson, because he is Dottie’s son and he has a little dot on the top of his head! He will be going to live in Eastern Washington with his new owner Heidi.

This girl is named SnowDowne Sweet Charity. She is a real chunky puppy.

Puppies Trooper Dottie mimi
Puppies Trooper Dottie Picasso

This boy has gone to his new home in Texas. He is a sweetie pie. We call him Picasso due to his striking markings.

Puppies Trooper Dottie mo

SnowDowne Sweet Success
He is now lives with his new owners in Oregon. Watch for him in the show ring when he grows up.

Puppies Trooper Dottie curley sue

This girl has gone to her new home with the Blake family in Alaska.

Her temperament is very soft and sweet and she is a big cuddle.

SnowDowne Dolcevita Golden Years.

We are proud to be sending Dolce to Monica Rigoldi in Italy.

He is going to be a show dog, which is why he still has his tail. Show dogs must have tails in Italy.

Puppies Trooper Dottie dolce